Head Strong
by Dave Asprey

Everything we do, from breathing, to exercising and daydreaming requires energy. All energy is produced in the cellular level, and is produced on demand – it cannot be stored. Therefore, everything you do always antagonises this limited resource of energy. Higher level functions such as creativity and rational thinking are not essential for surviving – at least not like breathing, moving and digestion are – and as a result they score lower in the energy priority list. At the same time, such higher level functions require a lot of energy. So how do you achieve and maintain peak mental performance and clarity of thought? By boosting your energy production and minimising the energy expenditure of other functions.

  • Click on a node to see what other nodes it connects to and to read relevant notes.
  • Click on an already selected node to deselect it.
  • Use the search function on the top right to find a node.
  • Click on a second node to only see notes related to both nodes.
  • All selected nodes are also visible on the top right as labels and can be deselected from there. Or even temporarily removed from the graph.

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